Servicing and Repairs

The MPH Moto workshop can take care of everything your bike will ever need.

Servicing of any motorcycle or scooter from a top-flight Sportsbike to a Chinese moped

  • Repairs and diagnostics from a broken switch to a full engine rebuild
  • Tyres supplied and fitted at Trade prices while you wait
  • Fitting of parts and accessories from heated grips to Titanium exhausts
  • Insurance repairs and estimates
  • Collection, return and recovery service, call for a quote or fill in the Booking/Enquiry form


The MPH Moto workshop can take care of everything your bike will ever need.

Service Booking/Enquiry

Servicing a bike can range from a simple oil change to a full complex service on a high-mileage big bike. Below are some examples.

1. Basic service on a small machine (up to 125cc), £80 to £100 inc VAT

  • Oil change with filter, clean strainer as necessary. Oil included in price.
  • Check plug, air filter, fuel system, cooling system, tyres, chain and sprockets, brakes, steering, suspension, lights, bearings.
  • Adjust controls, cables, chain, tickover
  • Lubricate moving parts as required.
  • Add a valve clearance check and adjustment from £15 to £25
  • Any defects found during a service which may require additional work will be reported to the customer before the work is done or parts ordered/fitted.

2. Full service on a small machine from £150 to £250

All the items in a basic service plus:

  • Fork oil change
  • Brake fluid change
  • Plug replacement
  • Air filter replacement
  • Valve clearances
  • Cleaning and lubricating of spindles, bearings, brake sliders, linkages
  • Inspection and adjustment of bolts and fasteners
  • Items included in price are the plug, air filter and fluids

3. Basic service on larger machine, £100 to £200

Same as basic service on a small machine. For valve clearances, most larger machines are shim and bucket and checking and adjusting these can be a major operation. Contact us for a quote for your bike.

Service Booking/Enquiry