Stomp JuiceBox 3 110

JuiceBox 3 110

The Generation 3 Juicebox, specifically designed with those who are vertically challenged (little people) in mind.

With our focus on simplicity, we have stripped this bike back to the essentials and given you exactly what you wanted, a small pit bike suitable for little people at a fair price.


Colours change and graphics kits are available, call for the latest details.

Key Features

Easy to kick-start, manual choke and no clutch to worry about, the JB3 makes coming to grips with your first proper bike child’s play.

Although small, the JB3 is perfectly formed, incredibly tough and immensely durable. With hints of the legendary Honda CRF50, a low sculpted seat and 12/10 wheels, the JB3 may sit at only 64” tall, but it will make any rider look like a motocross god.

JB3 110 boasts 110cc of pure Stomp 4-stroke mayhem, delivered through a semi-automatic 4-speed gearbox. Perfect for any beginner or BIG KID, the JB3 will take a rider up to 70 kg.

Built by the biggest factory in the world with the best possible components available. Robot welders, spotless floors, test tracks and highly trained staff who are proud to build Stomp!

All our bikes are test ridden prior to being broken down for shipping, so you know you are getting the absolute best bike money can buy from a reputable brand who will look after you with full spares back up for many years to come.



  • Bullet proof YX 110 cc semi auto 4 speed all-up gearbox
  • Stealth 'quiet' exhaust system
  • light-weight steel spine frame
  • Conventional oil filled forks with strong steel triple clamps
  • Adjustable pre-load shock
  • Specially designed short length mx style swing arm
  • SDG hubs with 12/10" steel rims
  • Quality off-road trail tyres
  • Composite fuel tank
  • Hi impact polypropylene plastics
  • Light-weight steel bars
  • Fold back brake lever
  • Hydraulic disk brakes with light weight rotors
  • Updated juicebox3 3-m Stomp Race graphics with Stomp race sponsor logos
  • Updated PRO footpegs
  • Weight limit 9 stone
  • Seat height of 64cm

    Colours and specification are subject to change without notice
    All pit bikes come with a 30 day parts only warranty.


Maintenance Information

2 HOUR SERVICE After 2 hours carry out the following checks & procedures:

- Drain oil & replace with Putoline DX4 semi synthetic 10w 40 4-stroke engine oil
- Check all nuts & bolts & tighten where necessary (use PDI data as reference)
- Check flywheel nut - Check wheel spokes (especially rear wheel drive side) &      tighten where necessary
- Re-Adjust throttle cable & clutch cable if required
- Re-tension chain - Check wheel bearings for any sign of wear of free-play
- Check brake calliper operation & brake pad wear
- Check spark plug gap ~0.6mm-0.7mm
- Check tyre pressures

- Do not over rev your engine as you may cause damage to valves. This is  particularly applicable where an inner rotor kit is used. Under load the engine is  capable of revving into major valve bounce that can cause permanent damage  to your engine. If you feel the power dropping off or start to hear valve bounce it  is critical that you change up a gear or ease off the throttle.
- It is good practise to carry out the above checks on a regular basis, ideally each  time you ride your machine. We advise an oil change after every 10 hours use.
- Do not stamp through the gears – always use the clutch.
- If you miss a gear do NOT stamp into gear from high engine revs.
- Do not drop your clutch heavily, or slip it unnecessarily.
- Do not allow your air filter to fill with fuel – this can occur by incorrect float    height setting – see above, or the bike falling onto its side.
- If the engine back-fires while the air filter is filled with fuel, it may ignite
– check air filter regularly while riding

All pit bikes come with a 30 day parts only warranty.

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